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Safe Disposal of Sanitary Waste

Provide your female bathroom visitors with a discreet and hygienic way to dispose of feminine hygiene waste. Not only is it vital for a hygienic bathroom environment, it also gives your visitors peace of mind and reassurance while using your facilities. Our sanitary bins contain a sterilizing powder that help to prevent the spread of harmful germs in your workplace.

It is  a  requirement by the Kenyan law that  female  washrooms  have suitable means  for  feminine  hygiene disposal, hence  avoiding  flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet polluting the environment and blocking drainages.

At Pinpoint Hygiene Service we offer practical environmentally friendly solutions to all disposal requirements.

We offer an extensive range of highly fashionable sleek looking slim line disposal units called Sanibins designed to fit into the toilet cubicle from standard hand operated, foot pedal operated to no touch/sensor operated sanibins.’


Foot Operated Sanitary Bins


Sensor Sanitary Bin

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