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Post Construction Cleaning

If you have ever been involved in any construction project, then you know that the work is not over, until the premises are spotlessly clean. This is what we call post-construction cleaning.

From the word itself, “post-construction,” it is understood that this cleaning is done after the construction part. A construction contractor may do a general cleaning of debris, but detailed cleaning is not part of their job anymore.
That is where we come in, we ensure that the walls are free from any dirt, marks and smudges, clean the windows and the frames, dust and clean the ceiling, lights, fans and heaters. We go the extra mile to ensure that the edges and corners are clean and polished, as well as all appliances both inside and outside.
We also ensure that all the dirt and debris is properly disposed and any loose wires or leaks are communicated to the contractor and repaired before the final turn-over of the key.

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