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Washroom Hygiene Services

Sometimes a general clean or spring cleaning service is just not the right solution. When there is tough dirt and grime that has to be cleaned out of your home or office you require deep cleaning services. A deep clean is suitable for a very dirty home that has not been cleaned in a while.

This is the removal of build-up scales, faecal bacteria, etc in the WC’s,   urinals and toilet washroom facilities. It is a periodic cleaning and maintenance of areas which are outside the scope of daily cleaning routine due to inaccessibility or need to use   specialized personnel,   equipment and chemicals.

This involves the regular descaling and   disinfecting of all sanitary fittings and associated pipework e.g. clearance of pipe blockages and maintenance of cisterns and taps in the washrooms.  The aim is to minimize the health risk to users of the facilities and to provide conditions that are pleasant to use.

Baldly maintained toilets are unpleasant to use and show a complete disregard of hygiene.

An intensive, deep cleaning service for your washrooms

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