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Cleaning Services

Welcome to the home of expert cleaning services. We have the right tools and equipment to get the job done by our well-trained and professional staff. We offer both commercial and residential cleaning services. Our commercial cleaning services include;

  • Contract Daily Cleaning
  • Post – construction Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services include;

  • Post – Construction Cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • After – party clean ups.
  • Deep – cleaning
This is the stationing of trained staff at an organization's premise to undertake the required daily cleaning. It includes complete cleaning programs with all work and responsibility stipulated by the contractor.
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Upholstery cleaning involves cleaning of seats and carpets in the house.
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This is periodic cleaning and maintenance of areas that are outside the scope of daily cleaning routine due to inaccessibility or need to use specialized personnel,equipment, and chemicals.
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While throwing events can be fun and exciting, cleaning up after one is often hectic and exhausting.
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This is the thorough deep cleaning of a premise after construction before leasing or renting.
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This is the removal of the old varnish by using a dust proof machine from a parquet floor and re-application of new varnish. This leaves the floor looking beautiful and in tiptop condition.
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Providing all round hygiene services to both your home and office. As Pinpoint, we clean, so you can shine.

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