We offer Cleaning services both to homes and corporates.

Contract Daily Cleaning


Daily cleaning is undertaken at a regular frequency of at least once a day.


Supply Of Cleaning Products


 These are the chemical products used for the removal of dirt and for disinfections i.e. multipurpose liquid detergent, Hand Cream for dispenser machines, Disinfectants, Hand Gloves, Floor Cloths, Toilet Papers, Mutton Cloth, Bar Soap, etc.  


Deep Cleaning


 It   is   a    periodic cleaning and maintenance of areas which are outside the scope of daily cleaning routine due   to inaccessibility  or  need   to  use   specialised  personnel,   equipment   and chemicals.  


Carpet Cleaning


This is the cleaning of carpets in order to remove dust, grit, other soiling, stains and to prevent damage by moth and carpet beetles while ensuring that the original appearance of the carpet is retained as long as possible. We also provide cleaning services of sofa sets, chairs and window vertical blinds at reasonable rates.

Floor Sanding


 This is the removal of the old varnish by using a dust proof machine from a parquet floor and re-application of new varnish.  This leaves the floor looking beautiful and in tiptop condition.

Some examples of companies we services are;

  • Mamlaka Chapel
  • Mwito sacco
  • Dac Aviation
  • DBK