Three Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service After Construction

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As your home remodeling or construction project draws to a close, you’re sure to be eagerly anticipating the end result. What you’re probably not anticipating is the mess the construction crew will be leaving behind. Even contractors who “broom clean” probably won’t leave your living space or place of business in a condition that’s up to your standards. So what to do? You can either spend your valuable time cleaning it up yourself, or hire a professional. The good news is that there are cleaning services, like Pinpoint Hygiene Service, who specialize in post construction cleaning. These services can spare you a lot of aggravation for a very reasonable price

Here are three reasons to hire a professional cleaning service after your next construction or remodeling project:

1) Expertise – Cleaning up the mess after construction can be daunting task for even the most dedicated homeowner, who may not have the right products and tools or even know the best way to deal with these unique cleaning challenges. How do you clean tile after construction? What about cleaning dust after renovation? Professional cleaning services who specialize in post-construction cleaning, have the know-how, experience and tools to get the job done right

2) Family health and safety – Construction leaves a lot of things behind you don’t want yourself, your kids or your pets touching, ingesting or inhaling. Shards of glass or metal, splinters, fiberglass insulation, sheetrock dust, adhesive residue and other debris, to name a few. Experienced post-construction cleaners know what they’re dealing with and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home will soon be back to livable condition.

3) Enjoy the results of your project sooner – You’ve spend hard earned money and gone through days, weeks or even months of inconvenience while the renovation was being done. Hiring a professional cleaner gives you a chance to finally relax and enjoy your updated home! Need a hand with post-construction cleaning ? Give Pinpoint Hygiene  a call – post construction cleaning is our specialty! Call +254 702 773782 today for a free quote!

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