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PinPoint Hygiene Services was established in 1998 to provide integrated solutions within its core activities of hygiene practices and technology.


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Are you a property manager tired of dealing with different suppliers for related services? Pinpoint Hygiene Services is your remedy to all your cleaning and hygiene pain points.

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Washroom Accessories

Washroom accessories are items specifically designed for use in a washroom, such as soap dishes, towel racks

Pest control

Pest Control measures and service provision.

Sanitary Provision Services

This is the provision of a discreet, hygienic, and convenient sanitary unit in the ladies' washroom used for the disposal of feminine sanitary waste.

Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services with a touch of perfection.


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All your hygiene questions answered.

Whether it is the bathroom you need to be cleaned, or the carpet in the living room, or even the wall markings and stains, name it, and we can do it. Once you give us a call, we will send a representative over to your premises to do a survey at no cost, which will guide the rate depending on the size of the room being cleaned and the job to be done. Call us today for a free survey!
Every female washroom should have a sanitary bin. How often it is serviced depends on the traffic at your premises. The higher the traffic, the higher the frequency of service.
Daily contract cleaning involves all the duties and tasks stipulated by the client for the cleaner. Tasks such as cleaning all the surfaces, washroom cleaning, and maintenance, cooking, and any other such tasks. This service is inclusive of the materials used in performing the tasks but does not include toiletries, these can, however, be provided where the client requests for them at an added fee.
Stained tiles can be caused by many factors, from hard water to lack of thorough cleaning, soap scum build-up, and even high levels of moisture and lack of ventilation that causes mold and mildew. Daily cleaning with normal cleaning detergents may remove the germs, but not the stains. Depending on the severity of the stain, different products may be used to get the job done. However, because of the corrosive nature of the products, you may want to ensure that you get a specialist to do it for you, to avoid damaging other surfaces or even yourself. Call us today and get a quote.
Cockroaches like to hide in dark and moist places, so one seen during the day is a clear sign of an infestation. Look for areas that are dark and moist around your premise and repeatedly ensure they are clean. They also feed on leftovers, so ensuring premises are clean is a good way to avoid an infestation. Having your house fumigated before moving in is also a good idea to ensure there are no eggs left in the cracks and drains. At Pinpoint, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify and terminate even the most severe of infestations.

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